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Food Concepts & Application Centres

To serve you better, Barentz has the capability to develop new and innovative product concepts in our regional Concept & Application Centres in The Netherlands, Finland, South Africa, Australia and in Singapore. We have dedicated labs for bakery, meat & fish, savoury, for sports & health, for infant & medical as well as for antioxidant solutions.

During 60 years of existence we have developed thousands of food concepts and have tested millions of ingredients in our customers’ end products.

Our R&D and application technologists create novel food concepts with nutritional claims, natural or vegan ingredients, as well as health and functional blends with proteins, enzymes and other specialised ingredients.

Our R&D specialists will also test ingredients and blends in your end products, to make sure these products deliver exactly what you promise your consumers.

Through our vast technical knowledge of the food & nutrition industry, application expertise, as well as excellent understanding of our suppliers’ products and their application opportunities, our local food technologists and food & nutrition experts are best equipped to connect you with the right ingredients for your projects.

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