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Vitablend develops and creates custom made Fortification and Protection solutions: nutritional Premixes and Antioxidant blends with an increasing portfolio of major food customers within the food industry, infant nutrition, clinical nutrition, sport drinks and nutritional drinks.

Developing premixes is a very precise process finding the right balance in the use of metabolically active nutrients and compounds that can cause unacceptable changes to stability, taste, colour and texture. Our competence lies in understanding the food production processes and selecting the right ingredients to ensure nutritional claims are met with minimal impact on final formulation, until the end of shelf life. We guarantee qualitative products and use a production process that meets the highest expectations of applications such as infant nutrition and clinical nutrition.

The use of Antioxidants is well recognised in the food and feed Industries to improve products shelf life. Vitablend has extensive experience in the design of Antioxidant solutions that protect the nutritional quality of foods and feeds.

Vitablend through Forum Products Ltd offers a range of standard products and is experienced in developing specific tailor made blends for customers based on exacting performance requirements.

Our state of the art equipment enables us to do extensive performance test and provide shelf life estimations for newly developed antioxidant products for specific customers or applications.

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