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Animal Nutrition

Forum's Animal Nutrition division is a significant link in the food chain in the UK and Ireland. We are a major supplier of speciality additives to the animal feed industry.

Small differences in nutritional specifications of feed can have a big impact on animal growth. By enhancing the balance of nutrients in feed and stabilising the gut environment, the additives sold by Forum can have a major impact on the economic efficiency of animal production.

Forum's customers include companies that specialise in the blending of vitamins, minerals and other additives. The resulting premixes are mixed with cereals and protein sources such as soyabean meal to produce complete feed for animals. Other customers are stand-alone feed producers selling carefully formulated feed to farmers for the precise nutrition of their animals; others are integrated businesses that link the production of feed with the rearing of animals and their subsequent processing to produce value-added food.

Our additives are regulated by EC Regulation 1831/2003. This legislation controls the use of additives in animal nutrition within the European Union. New feed additives can only be granted an authorisation following a scientific evaluation by the European Food Safety Authority.

But Forum doesn't only supply products. We provide a technical service that underpins our products and helps our customers understand the relevance of the products to their particular businesses. Closer alignment of the nutrient supply with the nutrient requirements of animals leads to more efficient nutrition. But our products can also promote animal health and welfare and reduce the environmental pollution that results from the excretion of unused nutrients.

Our "animal team" has many years experience of developing and marketing animal nutrition and health products to the veterinary, feed and animal production sectors and to the farming community. Research and development is key to our business and we work closely with our suppliers, research organisations and universities to develop and bring to market new products.

Our accreditation under the ISO 9001:2008 and GMP+ standards confirms our strength and commitment to quality, systems and procedures that minimise the risk of undesirable substances gaining access to the food chain. Products are only sourced from manufacturing companies that comply with our standards.

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